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Our night of chaos and fun. Club ​ is ​ - in terms of attendance - the biggest thing we do, but it's also the smallest thing we do.
It really is a night like no other in town.

Mondays @ 727pm

USM Wesley Foundation Building 3200 Montague Dr.

Better Together

we have numerous ways for students (as well as adults) to be involved.

We are a 100% donor supported ministery, would you consider partnering with us? ​

Presently we are in the middle of our 2023 End Of Year campaign, aptly titled: Going Together - because that's what we do. ​ We go together with kids to breakfast, lunch, camp, and into their lives.

We would like for you to go togwther, with us, so we can reach more kids and spread the impact of Yonglife even further throught the Pine Belt.

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Join us for a day on the COURTS raising money for a great mission...
Date: April 12 - 14 2024
Location: Tatum Park

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